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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Where Are The Defenders Of Dick Cheney's Privacy?

In August of 2005, Democratic Senator Harry Reid suffered a stroke. But despite his position as the minority leader in the Senate, he didn't report the event for three days.
"Asked why an announcement of the event was delayed for three days, Hafen said, 'The reason was the tests and the evaluations that they were doing. We wanted to make sure we knew what we were announcing. You need conclusive information.'"

In January of 1996, then First Lady Hillary R. Clinton turned over the billing records of the Rose law firm - records "which had been the specific subject of various investigative subpoenas for two years".
The Senate Whitewater Committee concluded that Hillary Clinton was the person most likely to have put the billing records in her book room, or know how they got there.

Today, the 15th of February, 2005, both Clinton and Reid have the gall to make statements criticizing Vice-President Dick Cheney, and through him the entire administration, for not reporting a hunting accident for 24 hours.

Unlike Reid's stroke, Cheney's accident did not endanger his ability to fill the post to which he was elected. Unlike Clinton's records, information about Cheney's accident was not sought by any prosecutor; delaying or even withholding that information from the press was not a crime.

One can only marvel at the madness that infects some people at the mere mention of Dick Cheney's name.

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