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Sunday, May 16, 2004


I don't want to get off on a rant here, but..

...that Naomi Wolf on Dennis Miller's "Varsity" panel is some piece of work.

Tonight is a perfect example. Apparently she been telling poor David Horowitz off-air how she wants him to sit when she's speaking. Then she has the nerve to complain that his *body language* is interupting her! This after heaving loud, dramatic Kennedy-esque sighs all through *his* brief remarks. What a hypocrite! What a rude, divisive, and *unworthy* panelist. What a waste of on-air-time, and what a crashing bore.

But enough about style points: what about her position? She managed to project all kinds of indignation, but over what? Turns out that this platform liberal, a woman trusts the federal government so much that she wants to put everything in their hands right down to her personal health insurance, she's all a-flutter over the mere possiblity that that same government might access her library records! The fact that no such access has ever occurred does not comfort her at all - she dismisses that as irrelevant. I suppose that when the Clinton administration was actually digging up IRS tax records on their enemies - an event that didn't just possibilty occur, but that *actually occurred in the real world*, surely she and her outrage were walking a protest picket outside the Clinton Whitehouse, right?

Dennis, you've got to reign this sort of nonsense in. If she can't make rational, self-consistent comments in a respectful and an intellectually honest manner, maybe she doesn't really have a point. This isn't high school, and we aren't talking about picking a prom queen - "I just don't like him" just isn't a good enough reason to oppose the president or the things he's trying to accomplish. If you want your show to succeed, Dennis, you need to reign her in, or find somebody better.

Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

(Note: This was sitting in my "drafts" list for who knows how long. It's way out of date now - I don't even watch Dennis Miller any more - is he still on the air? - but the way Naomi Wolfe behaved still makes me ill, so I'm going to publish this anyway.)

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