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Sunday, May 16, 2004


For all those who ask "How does gay marriage hurt your marriage?"

Boston.com / News / Boston Globe / Ideas / Legal scholars ask if marriage is the only way to make a family

Over and over the apologists for the "gay marriage" case try to deflect the outrage with the plaintive question: "but how does giving gays the right to marry hurt your marriage?" This is an attempt to re-frame the discussion as simply a private matter between each pair of homosexuals and the government bureaucracy, not something that impacts the basic fabric of society.

Of course, anyone not completely brain-dead see right through that... or so it might seem. But the mere repetition of the question implies that at least some people are being fooled.

Well, today's Boston Globe has decided to clear the matter up once and for all, for those who are willing to see it. Read the linked article. At the bottom of the first page it concedes that "[u]nder existing law, couples or larger groups who are unable or unwilling to marry are perfectly free to draw up contracts outlining their mutual rights and responsibilities."

That's right, folks - all this fuss is entirely unnecessary! The article points out the "most people lack the knowledge and resources to craft a contract that fully protects their interests." Well, most people also lack the knowledge and resources to sue the state supreme court. Somebody has hired lawyers and set them to this task. But if they really only wanted to "protect their interests", why not have those lawyers draft standardized "gay partner" contracts? You know, like the templates you can buy for renting out a room? Wouldn't that have been easier and lower-risk?

But no, that's not the approach taken, and the reason why appears right at the top of the second page (which, incidentally, only a fraction of the readers will bother to read):

"[I]nstead we should look to another area of business law: the rules and regulations governing the formation of corporations and other business enterprises. In the business world partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies all coexist amicably, with no limits on how many parties enter each association -- and no moral judgment made that one is better than the other."

That's right. The whole point here is to undefine the marriage contract which so inconveniently stands in the way of so many desirable actions: divorce, homosexuality, and outside partners. And that's the answer to the question "how does gay marriage hurt your marriage". It hurts it because it attempts to undefine it!

If you can stomach it, go on and read page three of that article. It doesn't stop there: this is part of the drive to take "basic social goods like health insurance and pensions" and place them completely in the hands of the state. Poor, ignorant communists... how many times must you fail? How lives wasted and governments collapsed, before you concede the error of your ways? But that's all for later. For now it's enough to recognize this: "gay marriage" is an direct and intentional assault on your marriage contract.

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